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Udemy course is built to help you learn Scrum the right way – in alignment with the official Scrum Guide and leveraging the foundational values and principles . Scrum may have its roots in software, but it has been used well beyond software for decades . I designed the course to help apply Scrum in any context – from operations to marketing, from projects and products to research and problem solving . I offer a wide range of examples to help people understand the concepts can be applied for different types of work . This course can also serve as a great refresher and validation of knowledge for people who do have Scrum experience but little to no professional Scrum training .

What you’ll find out in An Expert Introduction to Scrum

  1. What the Scrum Structure is as well as is not
  2. What agile is truly about
  3. The essentials for allowing success with Scrum
  4. A dexterous technique to preparing & & forecasting
  5. A design for improving your Scrum technique
  6. This training course is current with the 2020 Scrum Guide


Are you and your group exhausted as well as discouraged due to the fact that you are handling multiple tasks as well as constantly task-switching? Does working by doing this make it tough to recognize progression or to feel a feeling of function in your everyday job? Exactly how usually do you uncover that what you delivered doesn’t achieve desired outcomes? Does high quality usually obtain sacrificed under stress to do even more much faster? If you are searching for a far better means to approach facility work and supply high worth solutions, Scrum is the method.

I produced this Udemy training course for you – full of my one-of-a-kind understandings as a licensed Expert Scrum Fitness instructor, Steward of the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) educational program, as well as owner of a dexterity training and mentoring service. I have actually taught over 1,300 pupils on 5 continents. I am co-author of the book Understanding Specialist Scrum, published in 2019 by Pearson Addison-Wesley. I am likewise a licensed Project Monitoring Expert (PMP) and began my career working in conventional job administration, which gives me a distinct perspective to assist individuals recognize the distinction and also make the transition to Scrum as well as dexterity if it makes sense for them.

Scrum might have its origins in software application, however it has been utilized well past software application for decades. I developed the course to help you use Scrum in any type of context – from procedures to marketing, from jobs as well as products to research study and also trouble resolving, and also running departments or entire organizations. I offer a wide range of examples to help you see exactly how the concepts can be made an application for different sorts of job.

This course is developed to help you discover Scrum properly – abreast with the official Scrum Overview as well as leveraging the fundamental worths and also concepts. Zero previous Scrum experience is called for. Actually, it is typically beneficial to have zero experience due to the fact that you won’t have as much to unlearn. In my experience, there are many misunderstandings and also misconceptions regarding Scrum that stop groups from applying Scrum well and also gaining the advantages of dexterity. This training course can likewise function as a terrific refresher course and recognition of knowledge for individuals that do have Scrum experience but little to no specialist Scrum training.

Agility is essential in today’s setting. Dexterity is the real affordable benefit. Teams and also companies must be active, imaginative, and resistant in order to successfully navigate complexity as well as thrive in a frequently transforming world. Scrum is used by over 12 million people all over the world. While Scrum does have its beginnings in software program advancement, it has been used well beyond software for decades as increasingly more teams as well as organizations have actually realized their job is complex and their atmosphere is unpredictable as well as rapidly altering. I provide a wide range of instances to aid individuals recognize the principles and also how to use in their very own context.

This program is different since it clings the Scrum Guide as well as Ken Schwaber’s vision, and it is not authoritative. Agile is not a silver bullet. Scrum is a structure – not a method – that leverages the power of a small, self-organizing group. The Scrum Group chooses their procedure within the structure, which process will develop as they examine as well as adapt, learn and expand. There are no finest practices in Scrum because we are handling complexity. Ideal practices just exist in easy atmospheres. A great deal of the information you find on-line and even what is delivered in training does not clarify what is required by Scrum versus what is an instance or personal point of view. I intend to educate you the foundational understanding you require to effectively navigate in your own context. I supply examples of useful techniques and recommendations from my own experience, nonetheless, I explain distinctions as well as help you recognize why you could make use of a method and the advantages it can give.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to apply an agile approach to manage risk, deliver greater value, and learn quickly.
  • People who work with Scrum Teams and want to learn enough about Scrum to engage and collaborate more effectively.
  • People who are seeking a better way to manage projects and products in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world.
  • People who are trying to decide if Scrum/ Agile is a good fit before they invest in professional training.
  • Members of a Scrum Team who want to refresh and validate their Scrum knowledge.
  • If you are stuck in old mindsets and want to operate in a command and control way, this course is NOT for you.
  • This course is designed as an introduction to Scrum. It is not meant to be a certification prep course although it can be helpful for those interested in the PSM I certification.
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