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Experience a virtual 1 on 1 style Personal Finance Masterclass hosted by one of the top financial professionals in the world . Complete understanding on topics like how to get out of debt, emergency funds, investing for different goals and Lifestyle management . Conversational style with stories and experiences from Nabeel’s Career to help you relate with and overcome anything you may be dealing with in your life . Learn how to retire 20 years earlier than the “retirement age” (or whenever you want) Calculate the exact date that you will reach Your Financial Freedom and reach your Financial Security . Learn about how to become your own Financial Advisor and Build Your Plan yourself .Authentication failed. Unique API key is not valid for this user.

Who this course is for:

  • Hey there, Thank you very much for enrolling in my course. It means a lot to me and I look forward to helping you upgrade your mindset, habits, and knowledge around money. In this introduction I’m going to share a little bit about me & my journey, why I created this Master Class, why it’s effective and why I believe it will empower you to take control of your life with money today. So, I am Nabeel Khan, I’m a financial planner, stuntman, actor, businessman, founder of the financial literacy channel Money Talks, husband to an incredible woman and father to my world class boys. I wholeheartedly believe that you can design your own life on your own terms from the things you will learn in this course. How do I know? Well because I’ve pretty much lived it so far and you may not know this but 6 years ago, I had nothing financially. Here’s my story. I grew up in a traditional Indian Muslim household, I’m a triplet in a family of 6. We’re 4 boys that grew up with amazing parents who worked hard to put food on the table and educated us. That’s 4x schools fees 4x everything , it wasn’t easy but I’m fortunate to say it felt easy you know. Now if you don’t know this, the standard with Indian households is to become a professional doctor lawyer or accountant and for the most part I was on that path until one day I found a sport called parkour, fell in love with it and made it my full time commitment before I entered the traditional working world which lead me to the career of becoming a stuntman. I travelled, saw the world, worked with incredibly inspiring people, and financially, well, I was the standard – earned money but spent all of it and then life changed when I found love and with that I decided to get a steadier income with more traditional time to give value to my other half in my relationship but here’s the kick, I had no money. Now of course I was aware of this but I actively made the choice to change careers because what I knew I wanted was to create a family life through marriage on my own terms and so I committed to it before I even found a job. In 2013, jobs were hard to find because no one was employing, so I found myself accepting a role in financial services as many advisors do – the industry of insurance sales and investment sales for no salary and commission only, with no experience and this was just 6 years ago. I literally don’t even know what Microsoft Outlook was, let alone seen an insurance policy document but, I knew myself and accepted that I can take away anything from this experience and learn from it. In my life of becoming a financial advisor it would be that I learn to manage my own money because there must be more to living life from paycheck to paycheck. Anyway, after a year my practice was ranked in the top 100 countrywide and in two years from then I grew the business to rank in the Top 35 Achiever group of Financial Advisors countrywide with an independent ranking and honour of being one of the top 1% of Financial Advisors worldwide and am arguably the youngest person to do this ever in such a short time. I’ve helped hundreds of people and companies set up and maintain their financial plans in way over 10 000 hours all in different places in their financial journey’s and one day I realized that it’s not enough and there has to be a way to help more people navigate this space and not only buy financial products but understand how to get more involved with money and make better financial decisions. Which is why my passion project Money Talks with Nabeel Khan was born leading to this whole journey, the creation of My Money Talks, the coaching school to train the perfect advisor, Africa’s 1st Free Money School and this very course, my Master-class that will teach you how to be your own financial advisor… By teaching you how to think, what to unlearn, to understand the principles of money management, how to build your own map to success and everything else that I’ve learned in my professional journey being an award-winning financial planner so you can set up your financial plan, save money on insurance & make better investment decisions in your journey to reaching your financial freedom and living life on your own terms. And hey, if I could do it and teach others to do it, as a stunt man who didn’t know anything just a few years ago then you can do this too, so, thanks for hearing my story, I hope you’re excited and I’ll see you in the classroom.
  • Anyone in ANY country interested in learning EVERYTHING about personal finance AND how to apply it all in their life by Saving more, Earning more, Investing more, Giving more & Living more INTENTIONALLY TODAY.
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