Business to Business Selling Skills free download

Business to Business Selling Skills free download
Business to Business Selling Skills is for two types of Salespeople – ones that are just starting their sales career and want to fast track their skill levels to a higher grade . The course will take about 3 hours to complete and includes 15 video presentations by Ken Fowler (in person, not talking over a PowerPoint presentation), accompanied by supporting documentation and worksheets . As you progress through the training you will complete five worksheet which will be used at the completion of the course to produce your personal B2B Selling Skills Sales Strategy . This is the ‘Holy Grail’ of selling tools and once you have done yours, you will wonder how you ever survived without it and YOU WILL use it for ever .

What you’ll find out in Company to Organization Marketing Skills

  1. Easily determine why your consumer is mosting likely to buy.
  2. Confidently method ANY sales discussion knowing you have the skills to obtain the best end result for all events.
  3. Professionally handle decision makers from buying right up to the CEO
  4. Be able to use THE KILLER inquiry at the correct time, in the appropriate place, with the ideal individual so you will have the “AH HA!” minute.
  5. Control the sales procedure from starting to finish to maximise your outcomes.
  6. Advance your selling skills so that you can handle more complex purchases at a greater degree.
  7. Master closing strategies that enable the client to buy from you rather than you need to ‘shut’ the offer (a lot less complicated!)

  • If you are to get the maximum take advantage of the course they must have some experience in client dealing with sales. This might be as straightforward as retail sales or counter sales but preferably where you have actually had to ‘engage’ in a conversation with a client.


B2B Marketing Skills is for two sorts of Salespeople – ones that are simply beginning their sales profession as well as intend to fast lane their skill degrees to a higher quality, as well as also for knowledgeable sales professionals that want to additional advancement and also enhance their abilities to operate at a much more effective and also successful degree.

The course will take about 3 hours to complete as well as consists of 15 video presentations by Ken Fowler (in person, not discussing a PowerPoint discussion), come with by supporting documentation as well as worksheets.
As you advance via the training you will certainly complete 5 worksheets which will certainly be utilized at the conclusion of the program to generate your personal B2B Marketing Skills Sales Method. This is the ‘Holy Grail’ of marketing devices as well as once you have actually done your own, you will certainly question how you ever made it through without it and YOU WILL UTILIZE IT FOR EVER.

Let me claim right from the outset that there is no trickery or trick or ‘secret formula’ to B2B Selling Skills. It is good fundamental common sense reasoning that is used all over the world and also the foundation of sales success in every sector.
Take place, enter it as well as see what you will certainly discover. I wager you are dying to learn what THE KILLER concern is. When you start utilizing it you will suddenly figure out why your consumers are mosting likely to purchase (or otherwise mosting likely to purchase) and also this information will certainly surprise you!

Profit – It’s not a dirty word.
If you do not earn a profit out of your sales after that everybody sheds since nothing takes place till someone markets something!
Consider this for a minute – it will certainly give you an understanding into my interest up for sale.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for sales people who deal with their customers in a “Face-to-Face” situation and where they are selling a “considered purchase”.
  • By “Considered Purchase” I mean where the customer has options to choose from (like different suppliers or products that may be price sensitive) and the salesperson can influence their purchase decision with their selling skills.
  • It is extremely relevant to Salespeople who have a business development aspect to their work i.e. they need to engage new customers who they don’t know, not just call on existing accounts.
  • There are some great learning points for Call Centre Salespeople (especially outbound) and for Customer Service/Salespeople that you will need to master if you want to progress to an external sales role or a leaderships position.
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