IFRS 9 Financial instruments: Practical view Free Download

IFRS 9 Financial instruments Practical view free download

What you’ll learn in IFRS 9 Financial instruments: Practical view

  • Financial instruments are first recognized and measured.
  • Financial Instruments Classification (financial assets and financial liabilities)
  • Following that, financial assets are measured (amortized cost, FVTPL, FVTOCI)
  • Financial instruments have been reclassified (financial assets and financial liabilities)
  • Financial instruments are being de-recognized (financial assets and financial liabilities)
  • Financial liabilities are then measured (amortized cost, FVTPL)
  • Embedded derivatives are a kind of embedded derivative.
  • Financial instruments’ depreciation
  • Accounting for hedge funds
  • How to deal with financial instrument problems in the workplace


Financial accounting expertise is essential


This course will teach you how to deal with accounting problems relating to financial instruments under IFRS 9 from the ground up. This course covers the following topics:

  • Methods of calculation (amortized cost and fair value);
  • Recognizing and measuring financial instruments for the first time;
  • Financial instrument classification and subsequent measurement (at amortized cost, FVTOCI, and FVTPL);
  • Financial asset reclassification;
  • Financial assets are no longer recognized;
  • Financial liabilities categorization and reclassification (at amortized cost and FVTPL);
  • Measurement of financial responsibilities after the fact;
  • Financial liabilities are no longer recognized;
  • Derivatives embedded inside derivatives;
  • Financial instrument impairment (anticipated credit losses, risk of default, exposure to default, and so on);
  • Accounting for hedge funds (cash flow hedge and fair value hedge).

The material is very practical. Many numerical problems will be practiced so that you may get practical experience with financial instrument accounting.

After completing the course, you should have both theoretical and practical abilities to solve issues related to financial instrument accounting. You will be able to deal with accounting issues that arise in your everyday work life after you have gained the required information and practical abilities.

Who this course is for:

Reporting experts and individuals in the finance and accounting fields


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