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The course looks at three families of EDI messages: ECommerce, Motor Carrier (Trucking/Logistics/Freight), and HIPAA/HealthCare. Implementation guides are discussed for the most popular messages in each category . All programming examples will be done with the EDI 850 Purchase Order Purchase Order . At the end of this course, a programmer should be able to either create an EDI file from a database, or receive, parse, and store incoming EDI information into a database. All the programming examples are done with EDI purchase orders . The course also teaches you how to read EDI files and how to use EDI Notepad to view EDI .

What you’ll learn in Introduction to EDI X12

  1. Summary of EDI X12 (Electronic Data Interchange format used in North America)
  2. Analyzing as well as Developing an EDI data with C#, Python, and NodeJS (JavaScript)
  3. Summary of AS2 Transportation Protocol
  4. ECommerce EDI Records: Order 850, Verification 855, Advanced Delivery Notice (ASN) 856, Invoice (810)
  5. Electric Motor Service Provider EDI Records: Lots Tender (204 ), Lots Tender Reaction (990 ), Standing (214 ), Billing (210) (for Logistics, Trucking)
  6. HIPAA/Healthcare EDI Documents: 837 Claims, 835 Payment Advice
  7. Converting EDI to and From XML
  8. Methods for formatting EDI for checking out (utilizing PowerShell and also Note pad++)
  9. EDI Notepad – Free device to check out EDI


EDI is commonly called for when managing bigger business. A lot of the typical communications in between trading companions have been codified right into various EDI documents formats. We’ll show you how to check out EDI files, as well as exactly how to lookup implementation overviews to understand what each field implies.

The course looks at three family members of EDI messages: ECommerce, Motor Carrier (Trucking/Logistics/Freight), as well as HIPAA/HealthCare. Implementation guides are talked about for the most prominent messages in each category.At the end of this program, a programmer should be able to either produce an EDI documents from a database, or get, analyze, and also store incoming EDI information right into a database. All the shows instances will certainly be made with the EDI 850 Purchase Order.

Who this course is for:

  • Software developers who need to read, understand, and process EDI files
  • Managers and Business Analysts who want a deeper understanding of EDI for planning and creating Requirements
  • QA – Quality Assurance Testers who need to understand and test EDI-based systems.
  • Someone who needs to work with an enterprise level EDI tool that doesn’t already know the basics.
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