R for Beginners free download

R for Beginners free download
R program for executing repetitive tasks using loops and vectorized code . Be able to differentiate between different R data structures such as: string, number, vector, matrix, data frame, factor, date and time object, and many more . Use spreadsheets for data cleaning, wrangling, visualization, and data analysis? I think it is time to enhance your hobby or your career path with learning in R . Are you one of the people that would like to start a data science career or are you just fond of using data for data analysis in your spare time or for your job? Do you use spreadsheets to clean, wrangle, and analyze data?Authentication failed. Unique API key is not valid for this user.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone whose hobby or career is related to data analysis
  • Data science or statistics enthusiasts
  • Anyone who does data analysis with spreadsheets and would like to enhance his skills and deliverance
  • Anyone with a desire to learn a new programming language for statistics and data science
  • Business analyst and researchers who would like to enhance skills of data visualization
  • Beginner R developers starting career in data science
  • Skilled developers (in a different language) who would like to enhance coding skills with R programming language
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