SPSS Beginners: Master SPSS free download

SPSS Beginners: Master SPSS free download
This SPSS data analysis course was created for one reason, which is to help anyone without statistics or mathematics background to analyze data . We will dive into entering data into the system, sorting, editing and removing data, and most importantly how to transform any variable into a new variable with recode functions . Learn the assumption of normality and no outlier and how to run the major descriptive statistics like Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation and One-Samples t-test etc. Analyse your data and write-up The Results in APA and Harvard Style for Pearson, Spearman, Kendall’s Tau B and Point-Biserial Correlation .Authentication failed. Unique API key is not valid for this user.

Who this course is for:

  • Ph.D, Masters and Undergraduate Students in Universities using SPSS for A Thesis, Dissertation or Statistics Module
  • Investors and Professionals with keen interests in sharpening their data analysis and statistic skills
  • Anyone Seeking to boost their statistics skill, while gaining an in-depth knowledge of Data Analysis in SPSS
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