Statistics with R – Beginner Level free download

Statistics with R - Beginner Level free download
Statistics with R – Beginner Level: manipulate data in R (filter and sort data sets, recode and compute variables) compute statistical indicators (mean, median, mode etc.) determine skewness and kurtosis . Use this course to learn how to perform the basic statistical analyses in the R program, explained visually, step by step . In this course, we will take care about computing the main statistical figures in R: mean, median . standard deviation, standard deviation and skewnesses . We will also take care of computing the statistical figures both in the whole population and in subgroups of the population. If you want to learnAuthentication failed. Unique API key is not valid for this user.

Who this course is for:

  • students
  • PhD candidates
  • academic researchers
  • business researchers
  • University teachers
  • anyone looking for a job in the statistical analysis field
  • anyone who is passionate about quantitative analysis
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