Ultimate Investment Banking Course free download

Ultimate Investment Banking Course free download
Ultimate Investment Banking Course teaches how to use the yield curve to calculate Forward Rate . Understand the different departments within Investment Banking and how they interact with each other . Draw the payoff of Options instuments . Understand how a SWAPs works and how to calculate the value of the Financial Greeks (Delta, Gamma, Vega, Rho, Theta) Understand the concepts of ConveXity, Convexity, and Conveixity . Dominate Your Interviews! Use the yield curves to calculate forward rates and calculate Forward Rates . Use the yields to calculate a Bond price . Use a portfolio of assets to help you understand the major Asset Classes .

What you’ll learn in Ultimate Investment Banking Course

  1. Take Your Occupation To The Next Degree!
  2. Comprehend the various departments within Financial investment Financial and how they connect with each other.
  3. Draw the payback of Options instuments.
  4. Master concerning the major Property Classes.
  5. Familiaze with the most used Interest Rates.
  6. Dominate Your Meetings!
  7. Utilize the return curve to calculate Forward Price.
  8. Understand how a SWAPs works.
  9. Learn about the Options Approaches (Call/Put parity, Spread, Protective Phone Call and also Covered Put, Straddle, Butterfly, Collar).
  10. Calculate the value of the Financial Greeks (Delta, Gamma, Vega, Rho, Theta).
  11. Price quote the volatility utilizing different techniques (Implied, Skew and also Smile)/
  12. Just how To determine the rate of a Bond.
  13. Comprehend the concepts of Convexity, Sensitity as well as Period for Bonds.
  14. Master the major sorts of Exotic Options (Forward Begin, Binary, Barrier, LookBack, Asian).
  15. Learn how to utilize the Bonds options.
  16. Familiarize with Caps and Floors.


Our specialized approach as well as solid method will certainly educate you the devices and also skills of an excellent financial investment banker.

This program is additionally for any person who intends to operate in Financial investment Financial, as well as wants to discover the essential skills required to get involved in this sector.

No previous technological knowledge is required.

We have DIRECT EXAMPLES for all of the ideas that we will be introducing, so you can exercise straight as you go forward right into the course.

Financial Company: Understand exactly how a financial institution truly works, the main actors as well as exactly how they engage with each others.

Who this course is for:

  • Finance students looking for a comprehensive overview of what is required to succeed in investment banks best positions
  • Finance professionals that wants to increase their knowledge of some parts of the business
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