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“Write. Publish. Repeat” is a 30-part video series in which the authors expound on all of WPR’s key points . Learn how to write fast, produce a lot of books, and give yourself a bigger “footprint” for readers to find you . Know how to set up your website and grow your email list (creating a repository of people eager to buy your next book) Use Scrivener software, but any word processor will do . Be willing to set aside dedicated time to write and work on your writing business . Have a strong work ethic, a thick skin and a willingness to work hard at writing even at the inevitable times in which results aren’t immediate .

What you’ll discover in “Create. Publish. Repeat” Conversations

  1. Earn a living writing (TIP: it has to do with effort and math, not luck!)
  2. Stay clear of obtaining abided in with the “self publishing ghetto” by taking a few tiny actions to look like a specialist
  3. Develop a sensible income-producing company out of what many battling writers mistakenly see as “simply art”
  4. Produce wonderful publications (fiction or nonfiction)– from pre-production planning to publishing like a professional
  5. Learn which sales as well as promotion strategies and techniques work for full-time effective writers
  6. Learn why some authors succeed while others fall short
  7. Discover what’s altered in indie publishing, and how you can profit
  8. Learn how to create fast, produce a great deal of books, and offer yourself a bigger “footprint” for readers to find you
  9. Understand how e-mail marketing, blog writing, social media sites, podcasting, as well as other marketing methods can quickly fit into any type of clever artist’s methods
  10. Know how to establish your internet site and grow your e-mail list (developing a database of people eager to buy your next book)
  11. Learn exactly how to get more reviews (as well as manage the great and also the bad ones)
  12. Obtain the Cliffs Notes on what the writers of the # 1 bestseller “Compose. Publish. Repeat.” have found out in the trenches, running their six-imprint posting organization since the book was initially released (UPDATES AS WELL AS MOST CURRENT INFO!)

  • You will need a method to create. We extremely suggest Scrivener software application, yet any type of word processing program will do
  • You must be willing to reserve specialized time to create and also work on your creating organization. It doesn’t matter how much initially, however you have to make it a priority and be willing to shut your door to the world while you function. (Essentially, you should want to take creating seriously, and in some cases make other things wait.)
  • You should possess a strong job ethic, a thick skin, as well as a desire to work hard at composing also at the inescapable times in which results aren’t immediate


At the end of 2013, the staff behind the top-rated Self Posting Podcast launched their book Create. Publish. Repeat. WPR went on to become a # 1 bestseller, hailed as an enhancement to the “needs to have” publication list for authors. This 30-part video clip series, in which the three authors (Johnny, Sean, as well as Dave) expound on every one of WPR’s vital pointsa year later on, is the following step for forward-thinking, wise indie publishers.

Who this course is for:

  • This is for writers who are willing to work hard to produce and sell quality books
  • This is for writers willing to think of writing as a business as well as an art
  • This is for writers who love to write, rather than those who see writing as some sort of a way to get rich quickly
  • This is NOT for anyone seeking a “get rich quick” scheme or anyone who believes an “ebook gold rush” mentality
  • This is NOT for hobbyists (who don’t really care about selling their work) or pure artists who feel that “adding business to art” somehow sullies it (HINT: it most certainly does not)
  • This is NOT for lazy people, people who complain, or people who make excuses. Basically, it’s not for any writer unwilling to take responsibility for her own success
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